Employment declarations turn complex


The Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) waited until the 11th hour to launch its online platform where employers are to declare the employees they pay through service invoice books (as long as they agree to pay contributions for them).

The circular issued requires the employer and the employee to sign a contract that will immediately have to be registered at the fund’s online agency, which makes an already disputed procedure even harder. It was difficult in the first place for employees to put pressure on their employers to undertake paying two-thirds of their social security contributions, and now the obligation to sign a contract makes the process that much harder.

Even in cases where an employer agrees to pay the amount of contributions they are supposed to, the process they must follow is quite complex and particularly bureaucratic. Worse, the deadline for the contracts’ submission is this Friday, when January contributions are payable.

Meanwhile EFKA has added to already great confusion by sending contribution pay notices to corporate stakeholders, including pensioners. Social Security General Secretary Stella Vraka said a new series of circulars may be issued to shed light on all the gray areas.