Greek, Israeli officials encourage businesspeople in Tel Aviv to invest in Greece


The newly founded Israel-Greece Chamber of Commerce and Industry staged in Tel Aviv a presentation of the Greek economy to some 200 Israeli entrepreneurs, in the presence of Greek and Israeli officials who recommended Greece for investments.

Digital Policy Minister Nikos Pappas, Alternate Economy Minister Alexis Haritsis and the head of the Greek prime minister’s economy advisers Giorgos Tsipras praised the initiative for the creation of the chamber and stressed the significance of the further strengthening in the two countries’ expanding relations.

The three Greek officials also underscored the government’s determination to reduce bureaucracy and raise the obstacles to the implementation of investments.

Israeli ministers of energy, Yuval Steinitz and of communication, Ayoub Kara called on Israeli entrepreneurs to make investments in Greece.

Keynote speaker Anne-Laure Kiechel, a Rothschild & Co partner who is an advisor of the Greek state, presented to the audience the systemic progress Greece has recorded in recent years, allowing it to return to international markets. She also stressed the major investment opportunities emerging in Greece.