Little progress made in Canada talks on Greek debt as time runs out


European officials are still optimistic after the minimal progress made in last weekend’s talks on the Greek debt in Canada, although some distance remains between the International Monetary Fund and Berlin.

Discussions are expected to continue at Thursday’s Euro Working Group meeting in Paris, but very little time remains for the IMF to fully enter the Greek program.

Still, “the decision on the Greek debt will be made in time, before the completion of the Greek program,” a German Finance Ministry spokesman stated on Monday: “All parties involved will continue to talk,” he said, and Kathimerini understands German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz is about to go to The Hague to meet his Dutch counterpart to discuss Greek debt relief, among other issues.

It is also possible, according to IMF officials, that the decision on the debt will made later, according to the IMF charter’s Article 4.