Centeno says he expects decisions on debt relief package for Greece


Eurogroup President Mario Centon said on Thursday he is optimistic that eurozone’s finance ministers will produce a debt relief package for Greece that will make it sustainable in the future.

“We have a very important day ahead of us. We just got the information that Greece complied with all 88 prior actions of the fourth review. This is really remarkable and it shows a great commitment by the Greek authorities to the success of the program,” he told journalists as he arrived at the annual meeting of the European Stability Mechanism’s Board of Governors, in Luxembourg.

“I am optimistic we will deliver today in the Eurogroup and find a debt relief package that will promote sustainability for Greek debt in the future. Today will mark a new stage for the Greek economy,” he said.

Eurozone finance ministers will decide on the cash and debt relief they will grant Greece in return for its compliance with economic reforms, to ensure Athens can finance itself after it exits its bailout in August.