Grecotel upgrades its luxury hotel chain


Hotel chain Grecotel has completed investments of 42 million euros since the start of this year, focusing on the modern demands of luxury tourism, an area in which it is a dominant force with 32 complexes in select destinations across Greece.

These investments led to the opening of 630 positions in the group, taking the sum of its staff to 6,100 employees. This makes Grecotel the biggest employer in the local hotel sector and one of the biggest overall in Greece.

Its chief executive officer Marie Daskalantonaki said the group expects to see an average increase of 7 percent in overnight stays this year along with a 9 percent rise in turnover from last year.

The Grecotel investment plan has led to the radical renovation of five luxury hotel complexes in four top tourism destinations in Greece, with the upgrading of 780 rooms into state-of-the-art accommodation, plus the modernization and expansion of 40 food service spots and the refurbishment of open-air infrastructure covering a total of 155,000 square meters. These hotels are the Corfu Imperial, Daphnila Bay Dassia, Casa Marron (formerly known as Lakopetra Beach), Pella Beach and Rhodos Royal.