Pedestrians walk along a harbour during sunset in Alimos, a seaside suburb of Athens, on Friday. [AP]

With the next two months seen as pivotal to the recovery of the country’s finances, the government is banking on the longest possible duration of the tourism season and a June restart of the economy, without the need for continued injections of liquidity. 

People on Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, Calif., on April 7, 2021. With vaccinations picking up, warmer weather and increased business reopenings over the last week, tourism has picked up in several popular destinations. [Beth Coller/The New York Times]

As Covid-19 vaccinations have picked up and more businesses reopen across the country, Easter weekend saw a resurgence of tourist activity in some cities, perhaps indicating a turning point for the struggling tourism industry.


The World Travel & Tourism Council’s annual Economic Impact Report (EIR) noted on Friday that the dramatic collapse of the Greek tourism sector has wiped out 23 billion euros from the country’s economy and cost tens of thousands of jobs.


With the summer season approaching – and the epidemiological picture allowing – hotels are on course to open in three phases: Easter Week, May 15 and the end of June.  The phase that each hotel will open in will depend on the market from which it attracts customers – i.e. whether it is aimed at […]


The Daskalantonakis-Grecotel group has announced the completion of its acquisition of five new hotel resorts on the islands of Mykonos and Corfu with a total of 1,800 beds for 61 million euros.


According to the president of the Rethymno Hoteliers Association, Manolis Tsakalakis, June is the key month to achieve the goal of 40% of arrivals in 2019, which translates to about 2 million arrivals in 2021.


Boris Mouzenidis, 60, founder of an airline company and a travel agency that boosted tourism between Greece and Russia, was buried in Nea Efkarpia, Thessaloniki, on Thursday.