DEDDIE excludes Toxotis from all projects


The Toxotis construction company, a part of the Kalogritsas Group, has been excluded from undertaking projects for the power distribution agency Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (DEDDIE).

More specifically, the Council of State, Greece’s highest body of legal arbitration, rejected the company’s objections to its exclusion on August 20.

Briefing a Parliament committee about DEDDIE’s 55 contracts over the next three years, the operator’s managing director, Thanasis Mesdenitis, said that the reason why the company was excluded was that it was unable to perform as a contractor – meaning it couldn’t implement projects on time.

“The Toxotis file was in order, as it had all the formal documentation, and when the financial offers were opened a year-and-a-half ago, it had not been excluded,” Mesdenitis said.

He added that Toxotis was only excluded from all the regions of the country when it stopped performing as a contractor, “even though it had offered the biggest discount.”

According to the minutes of the Competition Commission seen by Kathimerini, Toxotis had problems in executing the contracts it received in 2015.