The government announcement on the mandatory use of bank transfers in property sales is another step in stopping the flow of undeclared income in this market.

22.09.2023 / 15:33

Latsco Family Office, the investment vehicle of the Latsis family led by Marianna Latsi, has made a strategic investment in Trade Estates REIC of the Fourlis Group.

18.09.2023 / 22:59

The recovery of the real estate market and the investment opportunities created in various categories of buildings have also multiplied business partnerships, as well as the arrival of new players in the sector.

18.09.2023 / 09:24

The Greek real estate market has evolved into an investment destination for foreign investors, with the Israelis and the Chinese being the most dynamic countries.

12.09.2023 / 14:58

Most young people interested in renting student accommodation in the cities with the greatest demand are finding it particularly difficult.

08.09.2023 / 21:48

Over 45 billion euros, or €6 billion on an annual basis, is expected to be invested in the Greek housing market by 2030, according to a relevant report by the National Bank of Greece.

23.08.2023 / 22:48

Rent or buy? Both options have become almost too expensive to contemplate, especially for aspiring homeowners in Greece who must also arrange for a bank loan.

29.07.2023 / 18:49

Real estate companies are currently developing new logistics infrastructure of more than 300,000 square meters and with at least 300 million euros in total investment.

28.07.2023 / 08:06

The share of cash in real estate purchases is increasing, as the relevant data show.

27.07.2023 / 08:00

In the next two years the Greek-owned fleet is likely to shrink, halting its development course, Petrofin Research forecast in its annual report regarding the course of Greek shipping in 2022.