28.07.2022 / 03:49

Demand for holiday homes is about to increase further, strengthened in several areas by the many infrastructure projects under way, predicts a new nationwide survey of the real estate network RE/MAX Greece.

27.07.2022 / 06:20

The housing market in the center of Athens is enjoying an investment frenzy, as foreign investors of various nationalities have returned in force and are looking for apartments, with the aim of exploiting them either through short-term or long-term leases.

25.07.2022 / 11:01

The short-term rental sector in Greece is recovering at the fastest rate on a pan-European level, following the general course of tourism this year. 

20.07.2022 / 11:34

Soaring rents in Attica are bringing back trends that had long gone out of fashion for students looking for the best accommodation options, such as sharing and searching for a house well ahead of the academic season, not at the end of August, as was customary in previous years, but from the beginning of July.

19.07.2022 / 16:04

A series of innovative platforms and services are providing alternative ways of promoting and presenting houses for sale or rent in the Greek market.

17.07.2022 / 16:12

The huge discrepancies between market prices and zone rates (known as “objective values”) have led to considerable distortions in the calculation of the Single Property Tax (ENFIA), especially in areas that are not located inside a town plan.

16.07.2022 / 08:23

The strong upward trend of sale and rental prices for houses continued in the second quarter of the year, data from the Spitogatos Property Index (SPI) has shown.

14.07.2022 / 21:25

Foreign investors who are choosing to sell their properties in Greece and not renew the residence permit that comes with the purchase of real estate are gradually being replaced by others from Great Britain and the United States, the head of the Risvas and Partners law firm, Alexandros Risvas tells Kathimerini.

14.07.2022 / 16:11

The number of residence permit holders under the “golden visa” scheme at the end of the year’s first half showed a decrease for the first time, by 544.

12.07.2022 / 16:02

Some investors from abroad go a step further, as they look for land for the development of luxury holiday complexes, multiplying their financial footprint and added value to the Greek economy compared to a simple purchase and sale.

09.07.2022 / 11:01

Domestic construction groups have taken battle stations to claim the largest possible share of the offshore wind farm market.

08.07.2022 / 11:30

The Recovery and Resilience Fund’s resources may well become the catalyst for construction to again become one of the pillars of the Greek economy, after the contraction of the last 15 years.

06.07.2022 / 08:00

A new balance has begun to emerge in the housing market, as economic recovery and interest from abroad push up values ​​and rents. However, at the same time there are counterforces, as the purchasing power of households continues to remain stagnant due to a wave of commodity and energy hikes, as well as rising inflation.

27.06.2022 / 08:07

The Athens rental market is rife with speculative attempts by landlords, mainly of small apartments between 20 and 40 square meters: This is the property category with the highest demand today, due to its more affordable costs in theory, in comparison to larger assets.