Housing benefit for earners of up to 7,000 euros/year


It is expected that the annual personal income ceiling for recipients of the housing benefit to be distributed to some 300,000 families will be set at around 7,000 euros.

Following negotiations with representatives from the European Commission, the final amount that the government will distribute in 2019 is set to come to about 400 million euros. This will mean that 70 to 210 euros per month will be handed out to families with an annual income of up to approximately 21,000 euros who either rent or pay loan installments for their main residence.

The definitive income criteria will be announced on wednesday with the submission of the final draft of the 2019 budget.

Those who want to receive the housing benefit will first have to submit an application on a special online platform that is currently being developed for that purpose, along the lines of the platform used for the Social Dividend and the Solidarity Social Income.