Trainose to seek damages from OSE


Italian-owned railway operator Trainose intends to take the Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE) to court over the state of the country’s network, sources tell Kathimerini.

“The time of silence has gone for good,” was the phrase Trainose used to publicly address OSE after repeated complaints to the state-controlled organization.

The operator, which is owned by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, is publicly protesting over the poor state of the railway network’s infrastructure, which has a negative impact on Trainose too, even though the operator is not responsible for the network’s management.

Sources close to Trainose say that the company “is sick and tired of sending letters to OSE [the network’s manager] about the malfunctions of the Greek network’s infrastructure.”

The malfunctions cited range from major problems such as power outages to small ones such as lift or escalator failures.

As a result, Trainose is making its case in the public sphere now, before resorting to justice.

Sources say Trainose will seek damages for losses stemming from its problematic operation as well as the blow to its reputation.