Greek pensioners at risk of poverty by rate of 9.5 pct in 2017


Greece ranked among the European Union member-states whose pensioners were at the least risk of poverty in a new survey published by Eurostat this week, coming, with a rate of 9.5 percent, behind France (7 pct), Slovakia, Denmark, Hungary and Luxembourg (9.3 pct).

This figure, which is based on 2017 data, shows a significant improvement from 2010, when Greek pensioners were at risk of poverty at a rate of 19 percent, and 2011, when the rate was at its highest in that seven-year period at 19.9 percent.

In most of the 27 EU Member States for which 2017 data are available, the proportion of pensioners at risk of poverty lies between 10 and 25 percent. The four countries with an at-risk-of-poverty rate above 30 percent in 2017 were Estonia (46 pct), Latvia (44 pct), Lithuania (37 pct) and Bulgaria (32 pct).