Bill expected to settle open energy issues on Thursday


The Energy Ministry will table a bill in Parliament on Thursday aimed at closing all the crucial energy issues that remain open ahead of the Euro Working Group of this Friday. This will concern the breakup of Public Gas Corporation (DEPA) into a gas trading firm and a gas infrastructure company, and an amendment concerning the agreement with the European Commission on the sale of the four Public Power Corporation lignite units following the failed tender for their sale.

The Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition is expected on Tuesday or Wednesday to accept the Energy Ministry’s proposal for the units tender to be continued with a new valuation of the four units, while also allowing in new investors, and an amendment of the sale and purchase agreement PPC has approved.

The ministry and PPC officials are optimistic, as Brussels has made it clear the Greek proposal can be accepted under the strict condition that it will lead to the eventual sale of the four coal-fired plants and not to another failed tender.

On the breakup of DEPA, Minister Giorgos Stathakis has not yet explained how the temporary staff is going to made permanent, according to his stated intention.