12.04.2024 / 02:35

The divorce of Helleniq Energy and Edison after 15 years of their joint venture in the field of the electricity market is now taken for granted.

04.04.2024 / 18:02

The government is distancing itself from the overambitious goals set by the European Union for the green transition.

03.04.2024 / 13:44

Grid losses and power thefts in 2021 and 2022 have been ascertained by Greek power grid operator DEDDIE to amount to 500 million euros. The bill was sent to providers, which in turn are passing it on to consumers.

30.03.2024 / 16:00

The expectations of RES producers for possible compensation against the energy cuts were brought back down to earth.

28.03.2024 / 12:45

Another costly chapter in the lengthy and tumultuous history of state mining company Larco has been added by the liquidation project to find an investor.

11.03.2024 / 10:29

Greece very likely has significant sources of metals and semimetals among the so-called “critical minerals” essential for the transition to clean energy, among other uses, officials at the Ministry of Environment and Energy believe.

06.03.2024 / 10:11

The way for the recognition of the Greece-Germany electrical interconnection as a European project of common interest (PCI) has been opened.

04.03.2024 / 21:16

The European Union must act fast to prevent the deindustrialization of Europe, the president of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, Dimitris Papalexopoulos, warns in an interview with Kathimerini.