Pitsilis on a mission to improve tax compliance, says IMF publication


The head of Greece’s tax collection agency presented its efforts to improve tax compliance in Greece in an interview with Finance and Development, a monthly publication of the International Monetary Fund.

Giorgos Pitsilis referred to the campaign to encourage tourists to ask for a receipt, dubbed “Apodixi, please.”

As part of the campaign, the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) has put up posters at airports and has even created a webpage ( to remind visitors to Greece of their right not to pay if not provided with valid proof of payment.

Pitsilis said the IAPR has also embarked on extensive auditing checks on the islands and areas popular with tourists by sending officers to inspect restaurants, cafes and bars.

Another measure that has helped tax authorities is the increase in card payments.

Pitsilis says they “have helped because they empower the individual,” allowing customers to say that they prefer to pay by card.