ADMIE eyeing green energy


The Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE) has decided to expand into new activities such as construction and energy storage as it braces for the challenges posed by the rapid transition to green energy forms.

Greece is expected to see investments of 5.5 billion euros in environmentally friendly forms of energy in the next few years and ADMIE sees a challenge and an opportunity in preparing the grid to receive and manage, safely and reliably, an additional 8-9 gigawatts per year from renewable energy forms by 2030. This is not only a test for ADMIE but also a promising new field of activity with the potential of bringing in additional revenues that are not regulated.

Therefore, along with the studies for implementing the national energy and climate plan with specific investment projects, ADMIE is also seeking deals with third parties for the construction of networks and energy storage infrastructures.

ADMIE is already in talks with local construction groups, and sources from the operator say the first deals will be signed by the end of the year.