Second wave of coronavirus handouts to salary workers


The special 800-euro compensation was credited on Monday to 105,853 workers in Greece whose labor contracts with businesses deemed non-essential during the coronavirus pandemic have been suspended, as the second phase of handouts has started concerning those who applied on the special platform between April 11 and 20.

Salary workers who had to make corrections to their application in the April 11-13 period will also be paid on Tuesday.

The cost of this second phase runs up to 84.68 million euros, which is being paid out following a decision by Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis.

The third and final wave of applications on the platform is continuing for workers who were put on furlough late and those who were late in submitting their applications.

The deadline for those application submissions is this Thursday, April 30.

So far 577,002 enterprises have suspended the contracts of 870,510 employees, with the first wave of payouts concluded on April 16 with the payment of 800 euros to 686,100 salary workers.