Higher salaries have stagnated

The stagnation of salaries observed at the relatively higher levels, in contrast to hikes in the basic salary, is highlighted by the Bank of Greece as a point of concern.

Staikouras: Gov’t supports taxi sector

Making the reduced VAT rate for taxis – from 24% to 13% – permanent, as announced by the National Economy and Finance Ministry, “proves the government’s willingness to actively support the sector of taxi drivers,” Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Staikouras said on Thursday.

Half of hospital directors fail employment exams

One in two people who currently hold an administrative post in the public health services did not pass the tests for re-employment in the same or a similar position through the new appraisal system that came into effect in November 2023. 

Measures to expand workforce

The labor force in Greece could rise by 398,000 people if participation in it in the 15-74 age group was equal to the EU average.

Labor market’s peculiar mix

The Greek labor market is showing an explosive mixture of relatively high unemployment – which despite the increase in employment remains significantly above 10% – and thousands of vacant positions.

Platform for workers from Egypt opens

An electronic platform for employers to submit applications to hire Egyptian seasonal workers in the agricultural sector will be available on the website of the Migration and Asylum Ministry on Monday.

Jobs for under-30s

The Public Employment Service (DYPA) on Friday launched the process of submitting business participation applications for a vocational rehabilitation program for 25,000 young people aged up to 29, who are out of education, employment and training.

Increase in Q1 unemployment

Greece’s unemployment rate for the first quarter of 2024 stood at 12.1% compared to 10.5% in the previous quarter and 11.8% in the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

Why are wineries around the world seeking this certification?

Grape growers and wine producers have long sought certifications testifying to their sustainable farming methods or their commitment to protecting the environment. Far less attention has been paid over the years to how wineries treated the people who are doing the actual farming and production work.

A dead end packed with unemployed graduates

On the one hand, there’s a gulf between tertiary education and the job market. Of the 50,000 students who graduate from Greek universities each year, just 10,000 have the necessary skills to find related work immediately, according to a recent study.

Greeks work the most hours in Europe

In an indictment of the economic model followed in the country, Eurostat data for 2023 show that Greeks work more hours than anyone else in Europe, and get even lower wages than at the beginning of the country’s financial crisis.