Syn-Ergasia requires two applications


Employers seeking to secure state subsidies for some or all of their staff through the new Syn-Ergasia mechanism launched on Monday will need to submit two applications with very tight deadlines.

The Independent Authority for Public Revenue has launched a special application on the mybusinesssupport platform where enterprises need to submit a declaration of their gross revenues as a ratio of their reference turnover depending on the month they are entering the mechanism for.

Then employers will also have to submit a second application to the Ergani hirings database of the Labor Ministry, where they will find a special form allowing them to join the new mechanism, whereby the state covers part of the revenues being lost by employees whose full-time jobs were made part-time as a result of the health crisis.

Inclusion in the system will have to be renewed every month. Employers seeking to join Syn-Ergasia within June will need to declare the period during which they will beo reducing the weekly working hours of their staff by up to 50%, as per a ministerial decision published over the weekend.