Transactions with KEP by teleconference


State Minister for Digital Governance Kyriakos Pierrakakis announced on Thursday that citizens will soon be able to carry out transactions online with employees at Citizens Service Centers (KEP) through video calls.

The minister told an online conference on the digital state after Covid-19 that a new bill to be put up for voting in Parliament next week provides for a series of services provided by KEP – and for which there are no automated systems or online access via a username and a password – to be implemented through teleconferencing.

“Citizens will be able to have a video call with the KEP, show their identity card and ask for a specific document or certificate that will either arrive in physical form or in their email box. This is one example of a new online service, but there are plenty more included in this bill,” Pierrakakis stated.

He added that his ministry’s priority lies in simplifying many more small procedures that hassle citizens via utilizing simple information technology solutions: “We aspire to resolve more than one such problem every week,” noted the minister.