Alexandros Sarrigeorgiou: With the right plan, the country can recover quickly

Alexandros Sarrigeorgiou: With the right plan,  the country can recover quickly


On a global scale, the healthcare crisis has brought us against an unforeseen situation. Today we are at a crucial point, where both the society and the economy are trying to recuperate from the uncertainty of the previous months. The state as well as businesses are now responsible for driving the country towards the next day, restoring normality and making the most out of all the lessons learnt.

Flexibility & innovation

The pandemic gave prominence to the social responsibility of the country’s companies, who acted immediately in a united effort to confront the new situation and its emerging needs. We sped up processes and we created tools, in order to efficiently adapt to the change, protect our people, support the society and keep the economy alive.

The majority of the companies, with quick reflexes and agility, turned to new operating modules, such as working from home. The insurance sector, making use of digital tools, seamlessly managed to evolve its services, as well as to preserve its close relations with both clients and intermediaries. While human contact remains irreplaceable, modern technology has given us the means to stand by our policyholders with products and services that respond to their needs.

Regardless of the course of the country’s recovery, the fight against the virus, as well as the unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus, will hopefully bring an upswing in demand, growth and, most probably, inflation. It is important to make sure that any measures taken, from tourism and hospitality to heavier industries and insurance, will lead us to a more productive Greek economy. The insurance domain has always been creating new products. To be protected, though, the main prerequisite is to be insured. In some cases, this may happen only if the state provides tax incentives to the people. In Greece, the population remains relatively uninsured – and this is something to always keep in mind. Furthermore, the insurance sector can support the economy through a constructive collaboration with the state, as it is the country’s largest institutional investor, managing €14 bln.

Experience and trust

Greece has emerged from the crisis as a trustworthy country. Its people are more conscious than before and the business sector adapted quickly and responsibly.

We need to make the best of this unique situation. The accelerated digital transformation has to be continued, creating new possibilities. The goal is to have serious improvements in our employees’ quality of life, our productivity and our energy footprint.

With the right plan, the country may indeed recover quickly. We already are on the right track, following the impressive determination of the state, the companies and the citizens, during a black swan event.


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