Alexandra Papalexopoulou: Transforming businesses and the economy more important than ever

Alexandra Papalexopoulou: Transforming businesses and the economy more important than ever


As Greeks, we have good reason to feel proud about the way in which our country responded to the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic. We moved proactively, decisively, responsibly and collaboratively to protect everyone’s health. We placed our trust in the hands of our scientists, our doctors and the State. We protected the weak and vulnerable amongst us. In these difficult circumstances, we demonstrated as citizens and as businesses that we can act effectively and with a strong sense of solidarity.

This is not the time to let our guard down though. The health risk is still present, while the economic crisis is in full swing. It is our duty to maintain the same levels of personal accountability, societal collaboration and decisiveness in this next stage of the new reality, building upon our recent successes and experiences.

Our experience at TITAN over the last few months renders us optimistic about the future. Our people’s response to the crisis was exemplary, at the same time professional and caring. Working together, we kept our operations running without major disruptions, while launching numerous voluntary initiatives to support the more vulnerable among our fellow citizens. Our long-established systems, processes and operating structures enabled a fast, coordinated response as the crisis evolved. Our time-honored values underpinned the effort, acting as a guide and source of trust in these uncertain times.

During the crisis, we developed new skills. The digital solutions implemented during the lockdown, both in our country and within our organization, contributed immensely to the adoption, familiarization and acceleration of the digital transformation already in progress. The use of digital tools for remote communication and collaboration, proved to be highly effective. Teleworking will continue being a core part of the future workplace, facilitating more flexible working models, thereby further enabling diversity and inclusion. The need for frequent personal contact with all employees under the limitations of social distancing, led us to embrace new media and aligned our communication style to the speed and immediacy of today’s reality.

The coming months will be crucial. Greek businesses, despite having been adversely affected by the crisis, are ready to build on its positive elements and contribute to the country’s growth. The Next Generation EU funding package currently under discussion, with €32 billion earmarked for Greece, together with the ambitious long-term plan of the European Green Deal, can support a speedy return of our country on a positive and long-lasting growth track. The building materials and construction sector, where TITAN operates, can provide an immediate boost to the economy, generating employment, creating a significant multiplier effect and providing the infrastructure needed to support our country’s growth. The well-known major projects in transportation and energy should advance without further delay. In the context of the Green Deal, priority should also be given to investments in climate change mitigation and the promotion of a circular economy, using the exit from the coronavirus crisis as a springboard to tackle the major environmental challenges that still lie ahead for our global community.

Greece has emerged from the first months of the coronavirus crisis as a clear success story. It is up to all of us to build on this achievement, applying the same high levels of responsibility, mutual trust and collaboration as we tackle the current recession, continuing unabated the transformation of our businesses and our economy, and leading our country in 2021 back on a dynamic, long-term and sustainable growth trajectory.


Sector: Cement production and building materials
Presence: 14 Cement plants in 10 countries
Establishment: 1902
Employees: 5.382 (2019)
Revenue: €1,609.8 Million
Ticker: Titc


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