This year’s 100% Hotel Show to employ innovative model

This year’s 100% Hotel Show to employ innovative model

The organizers of the annual 100% Hotel Show confirmed on Friday that the event is going ahead on November 20-23 as planned, utilizing what they describe as a game-changing model of organization that aims to cover the gap created by the absence of exhibitions with a physical presence. 

With over 200 companies-exhibitors available for video meetings in the specially designed digital environment of the 100% Hotel Show, hoteliers will now have the opportunity not only to communicate directly with companies but also to get a good look at the new products and services exhibited.

Hoteliers will be able to visit this special environment where the exhibitors will be and have the option to use filters per company, section or product.

They will be able to see which exhibitors’ representatives are available for meetings in real time and then immediately communicate through a video call.

Hoteliers will further have the opportunity to display their properties on camera or through screen sharing for queries related to online services in order to receive personalized advice.