Real estate promotion deals

Real estate promotion deals

Real estate property management startup Prosperty recently entered into a cooperation with the National Bank of Greece group and the Viohalco group’s Noval Property REIC.

The objective of this multiple cooperation is the promotion of certain properties of those groups for sale and rental, with the first assets already appearing on the startup’s digital platform.

This initial phase of the partnership provides for the utilization of 500 properties. If successful, it is expected that it will be expanded with the inclusion of more properties, while Prosperty is in talks with more banks and real estate investment companies as well as servicers for the management of more property assets.

Prosperty chief executive Antonis Markopoulos tells Kathimerini that although his company is only four months old, it is already receiving 100,000 property inquiries per month. A third of them, or about 33,000, originate from 120 countries other than Greece. This is thanks to the company having used part of the resources it secured from funding cycles in order to promote its advertised properties to real estate websites that are popular abroad.