Titan signs green deal for Poland

Cement company Titan has signed an agreement with Poland’s Hatra Cement i Beton to install a recycling unit that turns the ash generated by power plants into building materials. Titan said its US-based subsidiary, Separation Technology (ST), had agreed with Hatra Cement, a subsidiary of Lafarge Cement, to install a unit that will recycle the power plant waste – called fly ash – produced by Polish chemicals group Ciech. ST’s technology converts fly ash into a building material and a fuel source used for industrial purposes, Titan said in a statement. No financial details concerning the recycling plant were given. It is the first ST unit to be installed in continental Europe, Titan added. There are 18 ST separator units in operation in the USA, Canada and the UK. Titan, which has a market capitalization of 1.7 billion euros, is present in 12 countries, including Canada, Egypt and Turkey.