Tax inspectors set sights on Stanleybet

The Greek government is expected to conduct tax checks on Stanleybet International rather than pursuing court action against it for breaching rules relating to the gaming monopoly, according to reliable sources. Tax inspectors are expected to visit Stanleybet in the next few days to determine whether it is breaching Greek tax laws. Stanleybet, which recently opened two offices in Greece, offers sports betting services over the Internet. The company’s tax base is in Malta. The company’s offices in Athens and Thessaloniki do not issue any type of receipts for services rendered. It says that it offers its cross-border services due to failure by Greek authorities to issue it with an operating license. «Up until now, we offer cross-border services and consequently pay all corporate taxes in Malta,» according to a statement issued previously by the company. «When the Greek state conforms with European law, then Stanleybet International will pay all legal taxes by setting up a subsidiary in Greece.» Talks between gaming company OPAP and the Economy and Finance Ministry resulted in the checks going ahead. The two decided not to take any court action against the company, as this would have led to the issue heading to a European court – a development Stanleybet may be aiming to achieve.