More sign up for fast Internet

Broadband Internet penetration in Greece reached 15.6 percent of the population at the end of June, increasing 40.7 percent from the same period last year, as the sector shows resilience to the economic downturn, according to the Observatory for the Greek Information Society. The Observatory, a state organization appointed with the task of collecting and assessing data on Greece’s Information Society, said 41,137 new connections were made every month in the first half of the year and that convergence with European Union averages looks set to take place toward the end of 2010. The Observatory was not able to provide any information on EU averages. Demand in the first half did not appear to be influenced by economic uncertainty, as aggressive pricing policy moves on the part of Internet service providers have sustained customer interest. «Prospects for the second half of 2009 continue to be favorable,» it said, adding that the penetration rate at the end of the year is seen at between 17 and 17.8 percent.