First dent in Cyprus optimism

NICOSIA (AP) – In a move that deflated hopes of reuniting Cyprus, Turkish-Cypriot officials yesterday prevented trade union leaders from joining their Greek-Cypriot counterparts at a seminar organized by the EU in a UN buffer zone on the island. The decision followed the euphoria of Tuesday’s first meeting in more than four years between the Greek- and Turkish-Cypriot leaders and their agreement to resume UN-sponsored talks next month to reunify the island. «This was a first test» of the new climate of reconciliation, said Anna Diamantopoulou, European Commissioner for employment and social affairs and the main speaker at the seminar. «I was disappointed by the non-participation of the Turkish-Cypriot groups that were invited.» [Speaking in Brussels yesterday, Turkish Foreign Minister Ismail Cem said that, if Clerides and Denktash reach no agreement, «Turkey with the means at its disposal will bring its own solution.»]