Turkey says Greek fighter jets ‘harassed’ research vessel; Greece rejects claim


Greek fighter jets “harassed” Turkey’s research vessel Cesme while it was sailing in international waters in the Northern Aegean, National Defense Ministry sources were cited as saying on Tuesday by Turkey’s state-run news agency Anadolu.

One of four Greek fighter jets dropped chaff cartridge two nautical miles away, the same sources told Anadolu, adding that Turkey “reciprocated the harassment.” 

Responding to the reports, Greek Defense Ministry sources dismissed the claims, arguing that the Hellenic Air Force is not currently active in the area where Cesme is operating and that training activity is several miles southwest of the area. 

They also added that no Greek jets flew over the research vessel, nor was there any response from Turkish fighters in the area.

Cesme was on Monday sailing in international waters in the sea area between Limnos and Agios Efstratios.

Sources in the Turkish Defense Ministry said on Sunday that the ship has begun conducting “hydrographic research” in the northern Aegean Sea, and will continue until March 2.