Athens municipal authorities to install new waste bins in the capital


As part of ongoing efforts to keep Athens clean, a total of 335 waste bins with a capacity of 100 liters are being placed by the municipality on 18 main streets and squares around the capital. According to the municipality, this is the first phase of a plan which foresees the installation of 2,000 such bins across the city.

The gray bins are made of metal and have a built-in lock to prevent theft or destruction, increasing their lifespan. “It sounds funny when you describe to someone that you walked for kilometers to throw a piece of paper or a can but, unfortunately this was a reality for Athens,” said the capital’s mayor, Kostas Bakoyannis. “The truth is that these minor elements of city life are, in essence, a reflection of its culture. They are the things that we don’t give much thought to but play an important role in keeping Athens clean and dignified,” he added.