A design for life

Fifteen years after its controversial debut at the foot of the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum, a 226,000-square foot structure of glass and concrete designed by Swiss-American architect Bernard Tschumi, has seen the debate over its design quiet down to near-universal acceptance.

As the capital evolves, where’s the vision?

The 50-year anniversary of Greece’s transition to democracy following the 1967-74 military dictatorship has continuously fed the public sphere with new perspectives, thoughts, memories and debates.

Sidewalks, bus stops, Athens transport network banes

Apart from its aging fleet of buses, a thorn in Athens’ urban transport is the network of stops where, in addition to problematic locations in several cases, there are broken canopies, damaged seats, tilted poles etc.

Seeing Athens through tourists’ eyes

The most interesting aspect of the soaring number of foreign tourists in Athens, in any case a welcome phenomenon, lies in its potential to better our self-understanding.

Why are rental rates skyrocketing?

According to the available data, residential rental rates have been rising much faster than salaries in recent years, making some neighborhoods, and especially in central Athens, too expensive for young house-hunters.

Seating violations continue

A much greater number of violations related to the placement of table seating in public spaces were recorded in the first quarter of this year in the Greek capital, City of Athens data have shown. 

A building that brought a slice of the Big Apple to Athens

The iconic Rex Theater on Panepistimiou Street in central Athens is inextricably linked to the development of the capital’s metropolitan identity as few buildings of the interwar era are. It will close for a while this year for restoration.

Athens mayor clashes with hoteliers

The demand of the new mayor of Athens, Haris Doukas, for an increase in the fees imposed on accommodation in the capital’s hotels in order to finance the increased needs for infrastructure and personnel created by the increase of tourists in the capital has triggered a confrontation with hoteliers.

Realities that mar Greek capital’s image

As night descends, Omonia Square bustles with activity, its circular junction adorned with the vibrant hues of yellow taxis, amid the constant flow of cars and pedestrians. The glow of the fountain and the imposing facades of the surrounding hotels add to the scene’s allure. However, in the adjacent side streets, a somber ambiance prevails.

Athens only made 42 cents per visitor last year

I want to start with two revealing, and I would say disturbing – in their combination – set of numbers. The only income that the Municipality of Athens had from tourist activity in 2023 – by all accounts one of the best years for tourism – was just 2,714,664 euros.

Monument to two great philhellenes used as coffee table

Nine years after the vandalism of the monument dedicated to 19th century French philhellenes General Charles Nicolas Fabvier and Francois Robert, who fought valiantly in the struggle for Greek independence, all that is left is its base, which is sometimes used as a coffee table for passers-by on the Dionysiou Areopagitou pedestrian road ringing the Acropolis in Athens.

‘How come you speak Greek? Can I touch your hair?’

Grace Nwoke and her cousin Precious Obenaia were born and raised in the central Athens neighborhood of Patissia, where they lived undocumented with their families. Now they are trying to gather the entire African community of Athens on an online platform.