Motorists in downtown Athens will not be able to park on the street for free starting Monday unless they have a special resident’s permit, the municipal authority reminded over the weekend. 


A large-scale operation by cleaning crews of the Athens municipality to remove smudges and graffiti from building walls, shop shutters, planters, marble columns and phone booths was completed on Tuesday on Ermou, the capital’s commercial high street.


I recently finished a great book on the Yalta Conference before picking up a biography of Franklin D. Roosevelt. After I had finished reading both books, I could not help but ask myself a question, which I hope will not be misunderstood: Why is it that Greeks never named a public square after the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin?


The 4th century BC Temple of Hephaestus, the god of metalworking, on the western edge of the Ancient Agora in Athens’ Thiseio neighborhood, shone like never before during the inauguration of a new lightning system Tuesday. The design and installation of the new lighting system, overseen by award-winning lighting designer Eleftheria Deko, was funded by the Onassis Foundation. At the same time, Culture Ministry officials presented a new lighting system showcasing the monument of Philopappos, dedicated to Gaius Julius Antiochus Epiphanes Philopappos (AD 65-116), a prominent Roman consul and administrator.


A worker places an ornament on a Christmas tree on the illuminated Syntagma square, during the coronavirus disease pandemic, in Athens, Saturday. [Stelios Misinas/Reuters]


Athens municipal authority crews embarked on a cleanup campaign this week, removing thousands of posters from walls and columns on streets in the city center as part of what it says is an ongoing effort to spruce up the capital. 


As international students (Caro from Mexico studying in Italy, and Saeed from Pakistan studying in the United States), we rely on social media to stay connected with our friends and family thousands of miles away. 


The Athens municipal authority has launched a daily mass disinfection program in public spaces in the city center and its neighborhoods. 


Pedestrian networks, bicycle lanes, the widening of sidewalks and streets with restricted traffic are envisioned by the Athens municipality in its new "unified network of sustainable mobility" for the city center. The aim is to unify the city’s fragmented infrastructure (such as pedestrian walks) that exists today and to provide more public space. The new initiative is based primarily on the municipality’s Grand Walk project and on its sustainable urban mobility plan, which has been drafted for several years but has not been implemented. Among the aims of the scheme is the pedestrianization of 3.7 kilometers’ worth of roads. [Intime News]