Actors’ union turns over 18 more files of abuse claims to prosecutor


Greece’s union of actors (SEI) turned over 18 files to an Athens prosecutor on Tuesday containing claims of sexual and other forms of abuse within its ranks.

According to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, the files submitted by SEI president Paschalis Tsarouchas appear to contain details pertaining to ongoing cases of abuse, as well as damning evidence against three members of the profession who have been put in the #MeToo spotlight in recent weeks.

The files are the latest batch of several complaints lodged with SEI’s disciplinary board which have been forwarded for judicial investigation in the wake of a recent barrage of allegations of rape, sexual misconduct, abuse of power, and verbal and physical abuse that have rocked the theater world.

The prosecutor will now summon the individuals who made the complaints so that they may testify to the official judicial authorities, which will then decide on the way forward.