Georgiadis attacks leftist opposition over public rallies


Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis on Wednesday accused Greece’s leftist opposition of encouraging anti-government rallies, saying that they foster the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Political parties and, above all, the main opposition must realize that while [authorities] are making an effort to contain the pandemic, having daily demonstrations only helps to spread the virus,” Georgiadis told Skai radio.

“If SYRIZA wants to destroy all of Greece for the sake of Koufontinas, they should come out and say so,” he said in reference to the jailed member of disbanded leftist militant group November 17, Dimitris Koufodinas.

Sympathizers and civil rights activists, including members of the leftist opposition, have staged numerous protests in solidarity with Koufodinas over a prison-transfer demand.  

A top Greek court on Tuesday rejected Koufodinas’ request, two months after he started a hunger strike.