Greece earmarking 400 mln euros in extra aid to tackle energy cost


Greek Premier Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that the government would spend an additional 400 million euros to support households and businesses for the surge in energy prices in recent months.

“The emphasis is obviously on relieving households. But we also help businesses stay on track for growth, while maintaining valuable jobs. And, mainly, [we want] to avoid increasing the production cost and passing this on, in turn, to the prices of products,” he said in a televised statement on Friday.

“It is a brave but at the same time realistic aid plan. It helps in the present, but it does not endanger the future.”

This plan will soon be supported by another one, that will tackle energy savings in general, he said. This new plan will subsidise the replacement of the old electrical appliances which will then be recycled. 

“Our goal is for all Greek homes to operate with modern and more economical electrical equipment,” Mitsotakis said.