Technology: Sweeping changes

Backward in terms of technology, the gap that separates Greece from more advanced countries in the West will be closed within the next decade, led by today’s 15-year-olds. «New developments in technology are being absorbed much faster than formerly,» explained Haralambos Sfouggaris, managing consultant of Uni Consulting. «A typical example is the rapid pace at which cell phone-related technologies are being adopted.» In a few years, he added, «it will be possible to collect and submit all the documents for our tax forms on the same day. Correspondingly, patients will acquire one medical file which can be accessed by all health services. «Soon, the State will have everybody’s details in digital form, with all the good and bad that it entails.» Rapid changes will also take place in information and entertainment. «Digitalization of music and the moving image will soon do away with videos and CDs. Everybody will order the movie or the music they want via their computer.»