Opposition parties slam government over NERIT test

Opposition leader SYRIZA slammed the government on Monday after the symbol of the New Hellenic Radio Internet and Television (NERIT) appeared on local television screens earlier on the day. NERIT is slated to replace former state broadcaster ERT.

In a statement the leftist coalition billed Monday’s testing as “illegal” and “yet another provocative display of authoritarianism on behalf of the Samaras government. An act of tele-piracy on behalf of the Prime Minister.”

The Greek Communist Party (KKE) also accused the government as well as Digea, a company established by private television channels for digital broadcasting, for broadcasting NERIT’s test.

Extreme right Golden Dawn noted that the Prime Minister’s cost-cutting efforts should start from “the high salaries of deputies, the millions picked up by political parties and the ‘golden-boys’ of the public sector.”

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is to meet his coalition partners, PASOK’s Evangelos Venizelos and Democratic Left’s Fotis Kouvelis at 7.30 p.m. on Monday in an effort to come up with a compromise on a widening dispute over the closure of ERT last week that has threatened the coalition’s fragile cohesion.

Meanwhile, SYRIZA chief Alexis Tsipras is expected to address supporters on Syntagma Square at 8 p.m.