Five policemen guard ex king’s summer home

Five policemen are being paid to guard the summer home of Greece’s former king, Constantine, in Argolida, in the Peloponnese, according to the local police workers’ union, which has written to Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias asking for staff to be relieved of the task due to limited resources.

The letter to Dendias was dated May 29, according to the nationwide police workers’ union (POASY), which has sought to draw attention to the issue this week.

According to the head of the Argolida union, Giorgos Papatheofanis, a local police precinct was closed down to free the officers to guard the ex-king’s home two months ago. Officers watched the house during the night to start with, but from June 1 their shifts were extended to 24-hour watch, Papatheofanis said.