Manhunt continues for Trikala fugitives

Police in the prefecture of Fokida in western Greece, together with special forces and officers dispatched from other parts of the country, were on Monday continuing their search for five men believed to be armed and dangerous and who are suspected of hiding in the mountains of Nafpaktos.

Three of the five suspects are fugitives from a prison in Trikala, central Greece, and the other two are believed to have helped them escape in early March during a violent attack on the facility.

The gang of five, all Albanian nationals, has also been linked to the death of woman in Corinth in April who was caught in the crossfire during a shootout with police and to the killing of a law enforcement officer earlier this month in Distomo. They are also suspected of being behind a string of armed robberies.

Authorities have dispatched hundreds of police officers to Fokida after the suspects managed to elude arrest last week by threatening officers at a roadblock with Kalashnikov assault rifles and fled into the mountains of Nafpaktos.

Investigators are using local intelligence to map the most likely routes they may have taken and to identify locations such as abandoned farmhouses and goat sheds where they may be hiding.