New Democracy says Papandreou is problem, not euro

New Democracy has blasted Prime Minister George Papandreou for suggesting there are any serious doubts in Greece about the country?s membership of the euro following his talks with eurozone leaders in Cannes on Wednesday.

?The comments made by Mr Papandreou, as well as those by [French President] Nicolas Sarkozy and [Chancellor] Angela Merkel, revealed that he suggested to them that in Greece there is a supposed questioning of whether Greece should remain in the eurozone and the European Union,? said ND spokesman Yiannis Michelakis in a written statement.

?It is clear that no such problem exists and that Mr Papandreou ? through sudden and despicable misinformation ? is trying to create it himself.?

New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras said on Wednesday that his party does not question Greece being part of the euro but did want the austerity program attached to the loans Athens receives from the eurozone to be overhauled.

?The only problem that exists is Mr Papandreou remaining as prime minister,? said Michelakis. ?He is dangerous and he has to go.?