KKE slams appointment of ‘banker’ Papademos

Greece’s Communist Party (KKE) slammed the choice Thursday of Lucas Papademos, a former vice-president of the European Central Bank, as head of Greece’s interim administration.

PASOK, New Democracy and [rightist LAOS party leader Giorgos] Karatzaferis have appointed banker Lucas Papademos as head of their ruling coalition,? a KKE statement said. ?This is the will of Greek plutocracy and the EU,? it added.

The unity government unveiled Thursday will seek to cement a new European debt deal and stave off national bankruptcy. Papademos was named after four tortuous days of power-sharing bargaining between the ruling PASOK, the conservative opposition, and the minor LAOS party.

KKE and Syriza, a smaller left-wing party, both chose to boycott the talks held at the Presidential Palace, claiming they were ?unconstitutional.?

KKE called upon the people to build a united front ?against this black alliance.?