One dead in Pella knife attack

One man was killed and three injured when a 27-year-old man ran amok with a knife in a coffee shop in Rizochori, in Pella, northern Greece, in the early hours of Tuesday, police reported.

According to witness report, the 27-year-old suspect, of Albanian origin, got into a verbal altercation with the 47-year-old owner of the cafe, after which he left the shop and returned a few moments later wielding a kitchen knife. The suspect allegedly attacked the cafe owner and began stabbing blindly when a group of the cafe’s patrons tried to stop him.

The young man reportedly stabbed three of the patrons, injuring one, a 45-year-old man, fatally.

The unnamed suspect was eventually overpowered by the other patrons and taken into custody by police officers who were called to the scene.