Papademos: It?s either this program or chaos

Prime Minister Lucas Papademos sent a clear message to Parliament deputies and the people on Saturday evening explaining how important it for lawmakers to approve the new loan agreement on Sunday night and what the consequences would be should Greece reject it.

?We realize this program entails painful sacrifices for the Greeks, but a default would condemn Greece to an uncontrolled adventure,? said Papademos, adding that ?we look at the Greek people in the eyes with full realization of our responsibility.?

?This program will secure conditions of safety, confidence and restore the competitiveness of our economy. It will see the country return to growth, probably in the second half of next year.

?The agreement for the new program has the support of the country?s two main parties and secures the future of our country in the eurozone. It also reflects the extreme conditions of need our country lives in,? said Papademos.

He went on to paint the picture of a Greece after default in order to justify the government?s decision to agree to the painful measures the country’s creditors have dictated.

“This is the fight of our generation. It would be the biggest defeat of post-1974 Greece if this country were to default and drop out of the eurozone, when countries far poorer than us are making a hard effort to enter the euro.

“We will not emerge from the crisis without sacrifices.

“What is patriotic today is not drop our shields but make the correct decisions that enhance our position in Europe and the world. This is absolutely necessary for us to protect our national interest.

“It will not end within just one year. It will require a long effort and cooperation of politiclal forces. But above all, it will require faith in our abilities,» concluded a determined, if somewhat emotional, Papademos.