Papademos rules out commissioners in ministries

There is no such issue as having a commissioner installed in each ministry, confirmed Prime Minister Lucas Papademos during a cabinet meeting on Saturday.

He stressed that there are other monitoring mechanisms in place for the country?s official creditors to ensure the application of the agreed streamlining program, and they will be strengthened, too.

Papademos went on to suggest that the impact on pensions will not be as big as has been presented, arguing that a pensioner getting 1,500 euros per month will only suffer a 24-euro cut.

He also said the cuts to pensions were inevitable as the measures that had to be taken needed to have a permanent character.

Regarding the concession of the Elliniko plot for development and the Helios solar energy project, Papademos told his cabinet that they will result in an increase in foreign direct investment so as to have the repayment of the country?s debt accelerated.