Former defense minister in custody at Korydallos Prison

Akis Tsochatzopoulos, the former defense minister charged in connection with an extensive money laundering network he is believed to have used to conceal millions of euros in under-the-table payments from defense procurement deals signed when he was minister, was taken to Korydallos Prison in Piraeus on Tuesday, after spending the Easter holiday weekend in custody at police headquarters on Alexandras Avenue.

Tsochatzopoulos will be held in cell block six, which is reserved for people charged with financial crimes, as his case continues to be heard by investigating magistrate Gavriil Mallis.

On Monday, Tsochatzopoulos testified for more than eight hours after his request for more time to prepare his case was rejected by the magistrate.

Due to give their testimony on Tuesday are Nikolaos Zigras, Tsochatzopoulos’s first cousin who is implicated in the running of three offshore companies that laundered money accrued by Tsochatzopoulos in kickbacks from armaments sales through the purchase of high-end real estate; Efrosini Lambropoulou, an accountant and representative of one of the three offshore firms owned by the former defense minister; and Giorgos Sachpatzidis, a businessman also connected with Tsochatzopoulos’s dealings.