Bakoyannis sees slim chance for alliance

The leader of the centrist Democratic Alliance, Dora Bakoyannis, told Skai on Thursday that Greece’s first debt deal with foreign creditors, signed in 2010, set out crucial structural reforms that were never implemented, leading to a deeper recession and wage cuts.

Referring to the two main parties, socialist PASOK and conservative New Democracy, the former foreign minister said they no longer had the credibility to negotiate with anyone.

As for the possibility of cooperating with Stefanos Manos — who is also an ex minister and leads the centrist, liberal Drasi party — Bakoyannis said there was no scope for such an alliance as Manos was only interested in leading.

Manos, for his part, said he agreed on many levels with Bakoyannis but suggested that the foundations for an alliance had yet to be determined. «We must consider the next steps. Politics is like marriage, we have to see beyond the sex,» he said.

He also expressed concern about how the members of his party, none of whom are professional politicians, would coexist with the members of her faction, chiefly former cadres of ND, which Bakoyannis also belonged to.