Glitch-prone e-prescriptions system ‘back on Monday’

The government?s electronic prescription system, which is designed to cut down on waste and corruption but whose launch has been riddled with false starts, will be up and running again next Monday, the head of the National Organization for Healthcare Provision (EOPYY), Gerasimos Voudouris, told Skai on Tuesday.

As regards the issue of some 250 million euros in state debts to pharmacists, who on Monday threatened to stop issuing medicines to customers insured with EOPYY, Voudouris attributed the delay to the failure of the Social Security Foundation (IKA) to pay its share.

So far, 38,000 doctors and 10,800 pharmacies have used the system to record an average of 140,000 prescriptions a day for drugs worth some 6.6 million euros.