ND chief slams SYRIZA

New Democracy head Antonis Samaras on Thursday slammed radical left SYRIZA and the coalition?s chief Alexis Tsipras for their calls to repudiate the memorandum, saying that such a move meant «jumping off the cliff.»

Speaking to his party?s newly elected MPs, Samaras argued that SYRIZA was a coalition of forces ranging from anarchists to ?those who want to resurrent the hammer and sickle.?

The New Democracyy chief stated that he was setting an example by putting «we» above anything else and that the powers who want to avert catastrophe were growing.

“Nobody agrees with the memorandum. I objected first,» said Samaras. «Today, though, what we need is to change it and stay in the euro.

“We are creating a front of liberal forces that believe in the Europe of solidarity,» he said.