SYRIZA backed by Social Pact, surges in polls

Louka Katseli, a former PASOK minister who now leads the small leftist party Social Pact, on Wednesday threw her weight behind the head of the ascendant anti-bailout party SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, declaring support for «genuine, progressive forces.”

Addressing a joint press conference with Katseli, Tsipras, who was later on Wednesday to address a public gathering in Keratea, southwestern Attica, said the two leaders had agreed on the basic points of convergence. His party is to outline its policy program on Friday.

Meanwhile a poll carried out by VPRC for Epikaira magazine put the leftist party SYRIZA ahead of conservative New Democracy, garnering 30 percent of the vote compared to ND’s 26.5 percent.

The conservatives had inched ahead of SYRIZA, according to the results of a series of recent opinion polls which the leftist party had disputed.

The VPRC poll put socialist PASOK at 12.5 percent, the Independent Greeks and the Democratic Left at 7.5 percent apiece, the Communist Party at 5.5 percent and the extreme-rightwing Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) at 4.5 percent.