Official denies he leaked FinMin document

The head of a department at the State General Accounting Office was granted conditional release on Wednesday after being arrested on Friday on suspicion of leaking a confidential Finance Ministry document related to Greece?s ongoing negotiations with the troika.

Lambros Liosis, the head of the budget department, was released after facing a prosecutor on Wednesday but was ordered not to leave the country pending an investigation into claims that he leaked to Internet sites a document sent to him by Alternate Finance Minister Christos Staikouras. He faces charges of breaching privacy and state secrecy laws. Both are felonies.

The document that surfaced on the Internet was a photo of the one sent to Liosos and bore his name. Liosos denies leaking it. He argues that someone in his department is likely to have copied the document in his absence. His lawyers said that whoever leaked the paper had political motives and that their client?s innocence will be proved.