Multiple murderer recaptured after going on the lam

Multiple murderer Michalis Makriyiannis was arrested early on Thursday in an apartment in Peristeri, western Athens, after he failed to return from a prison furlough in August.

Makriyiannis had been given a five-day pass from Larissa Prison in central Greece but did not return to the jail.

Makriyiannis has received four life sentences for five murders, three attempted murders and several armed robberies.

]Police said they seized a number of firearms, 19 mobile phones, numerous SIM cards and 8,000 euros in cash at the apartment.

A 63-year-old woman was also arrested at the property and is being charged with aiding Makriyiannis.

Three more people were detained on suspicion of helping the suspect carry out four armed robberies, netting 55,000 euros, over the last two months.