Twenty-year-old arrested for four violent racist attacks

The police force’s new anti-racism service has detained a 20-year-old man while several suspected accomplices are being sought in connection with four assaults in northern Athens, three of which occurred on the same day.

The 20-year-old is charged with attempted manslaughter, arson and membership of a criminal gang.

The most violent of the attacks, on September 10, involved the 20-year-old and another eight assailants who burst into a barbershop in Metamorphosi, beat two Pakistani employees and stabbed a Greek customer who tried to intervene.

On September 22, the 20-year-old and two accomplices knifed two Pakistanis at a bus stop in Neo Iraklio. Later the same day, in Metamorphosi, the 20-year-old and two youths knocked two Pakistanis off a motorcycle, which they burned.

Rounding off the barrage of attacks, the 20-year-old and accomplices assaulted three Pakistanis in the same area, knifing two in the chest.